I have been blessed with an incredible family.

I have been married to my darling and devoted wife Brigitte for 30 years and she still puts up with me. (I rerobandbrigiteally don’t deserve it). We have been through so much together and always (well usually) with a smile on our face. I challenge her, she challenges me. It works because we work at it. I think our marriage is a great example of what a marriage is supposed to be about.


Our 4 children are Dustin, Peter, Steph and Chris

Peter, the youngest is my clone. Impetuous and talented Pete is the ultimate salesman. He could literally sell ice to an Eskimo. He has two kids, Jake and Samantha, who we see often.

Dustin is the next oldest. Dustin is the serious scholar. He has more college degrees than a professor and he speaks fluent Chinese. Dustin is the world traveler and has lived, studied and worked in Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, as well as in Chicago and San Francisco.

Christine is the next oldest and the nice one. Chris has a heart of gold and the dedication of a saint. Chris has one son Jonathan who she spoils rotten.

Steph is the oldest. Steph is the dreamer, the poet, the artistic one. She has passion, romance and a big, loving heart. Stephanie has 3 kids, Raquel, Anthony and Nicole.

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