My Hobbies


Kuta Beach


I am sorry to sorry to say that I am by far the worst surfer in the world. I have taken my surfboard and dared the waves in Northern California (the Mavericks), Southern California (Los Angeles area), Lisbon, Portugal,  Bondi Beach in Australia, and in Bali, Indonesia.


Surfing with orcas.

I have surfed with dolphins and I actually had the scare of my life paddling to shore while a great white shark circled around me in a curious fashion in Southern Mexico (Puerto Escondido near Acapulco).

Sailing and Boating

Of course, being in the water is not the only way to be aquatic. I have had my share of sailing and boating as well.steeringsailboat

I had the chance to crew and captain a real racing Sailboat in Botany Bay, outside Syndey, Australia as part of a Corporate team building outing, and we have had some fun with Whitewater Rafting and canoeing in Wisconsin and California.whitewaterrafting


My first water activity was SCUBA. Of course, it is not too common to find SCUBA divers in the Midwestern US, but there was a hardcore group of us that were avid scuba divers. This was, of course, during the days of the popularity of Jacques Cousteau and folk singers.

In the Midwest the SCUBA opportunities are limited but we dived in Lake Geneva, Lake Michigan and the Midwestern SCUBA diving experience would be incomplete without ice diving, where we actually cut a hole in the frozen lake and go SCUBA diving under the ice.

I have been lucky enough to dive up and down the cost of California,  and Quintana Roo in Southern Mexico.and my wife and I actually had the awesome experience of diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

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