Places We Have Lived

I love to travel , and I love to get involved and learn how other people live. The best way I can imagine to do that is to move there and get a job working there. Brigitte and I have had many long term adventures.

Key West – where I was born

Chicago – North Side (Go CUBSBoo SOX) – where I was raised. I’m a Chicago city boy at heart. I talk with a Chicago accent and I have a typical big city urban neighborhood background.

Des Plaines – where I sent to high school

Dortmund, Germany – where we lived and worked. Dortmund was quite the experience. It was amazing for me, an American to experience the German lifestyle. We loved walking, biking, hiking. Everything was accessible and beautiful. Some of the German friendships continue to this day.

San Francisco – The most beautiful city in the world (we will move back). Our house there was awesome. We lived backing on a nature preserve. Eagles, deer, mountain lions roamed in our back yard. We had year round garden of beautiful flowers and even had a palm tree and an orange tree.


Mumbai – great people, great work, terrible traffic. In Mumbai we lived at Powai Lake in the Corprorate apartments near the university. Mumbai was a fantastic experience. We made a lot of friends and learned a lot. India is so dynamic and exciting right now.

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