Work History

Of course, I worked in construction to support my family and to put myself through school. I was a late graduate, graduating at 26 years old, since I had to work to support my family at age 18.

After school I worked at:

  1. AT&T – My first job out of the university. My sister got me the job, and I started out in billing systems support along with circuit board design and CAD/CAM support.
  2. Cap Gemini – After the divestiture and the breakup of ATT, I hooked up with Cap Gemini. I got a lot of experience there and I learned how to be a consultant.
  3. Deloitte-Touche – After Cap Gemini, I upgraded to management consulting. With DT I was able to travel around the world and get involved in the financial and management side of telecoms operations.
  4. Sequent Computers – I spent a short time with Sequent Computers (now gone), before they were bought by IBM.
  5. IBM – Global Services – IBM Global Services is where I really got my scope, travel and vision. With IBM I supported dozens of telco projects around the world, and headed up several development projects.
  6. XIT – Excellence in Telecommunications – After IBM I started my own consulting company.
  7. GRAPA – For the past two years I have been honored to serve as the president of GRAPA. As president I have helped to build a vision, an organization and a community of revenue assurance professionals. I have been able to meet with hundreds of revenue assurance managers and practitioners from carriers on every continent and of every type. They have been a great bunch of people to get to know.

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